March 27, 2010

Update on Thursdays "open Workshop"

We had a wonderful time during open workshop last week.  We had our "1st creative chicks question".  Students were asked "What was their favorite creative memory?"  The winner would win what was inside this box.  We had 15 responses.  All are posted on creativechickscafe/facebook if you would like to read them.  They are very entertaining!  We then placed all the responses in a jar and a name was drawn.  The winner was "Janet". (She wrote "While fishing one day across from "Kate" studio I caught a 42 inch snook on a piece of salami.  And that's a true fish story!  Do you think she kept it? ")

So you ask "What is inside the box?  Well, there was a candle, bath salts, a bottle of wine and the greaest prize of all. The most recent copy of the magazine "Where Women Create".  Janet, I hope you enjoyed your bubble bath after your long day in the studio.

I have to admit, every week I eagerly await our Thursdays open workshop.  I am so excited to see what everyone creates.  It just goes to show if you trust your creative instincts, anything can be achieved.

Mark fixed our Raku Kiln this week.  It needed some new heating elements installed.  It always amazes me at how he can repair anything.  Thank you Mark!  The chicks really appreciate it!
Claudia was finally able to fire her turtle
As soon as it is mounted we will post photos of it.  It turned out fantastic!!!

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