July 16, 2010

creativechickscafe.com "Summer Contest"

When I was a little girl, I used to love playing with small figurine characters.  I remember my grandfather would come up with all types of games to play with them.  One of my favorites we used to play was Tic Tac Toe.  We would spend hours going back and forth trying to see who was the better player.  Those days have long passed and today I spend hours playing these very same games with my grandchildren.  Next week is my granddaughter Emiley's birthday and I wanted to create something special for her like my own grandfather did.  So off to the studio I went . . .

I usually work in ceramic clay but it takes days to dry and fire it, and still I have to paint it.  But, I was running out of time.  Then I discovered polymer clay.  It was a little sticky and hard to blend, but I liked it.  I liked the feel of it, and the things you can make with it are endless.  I started with a basic concept.  Because it was a birthday present I thought clowns would be fun for her.  First I started with the body and then worked out from there.  The colors I chose were easy, pink and purple are her favorites and then colorful blue and yellow to complement them.  I used acrylic paints to bring color to the cheeks and body parts.  I think they are darling and I'm sure we will spend may hours playing with them.  Just like I did with my own grandparents.

But . . . I could not stop working with this terrific clay.  And it was time for our Creativchickscafe summer giveaway.  So, I made a set for you.  But not clowns.  I made . . . you guessed it "Chicks"!   The playing board is a 9x9" wooden square with 2" yellow chicks.  Four with purple hats and four with pink hats.  And each chick is slightly different.  Just like us!  Anyone can enter, simply leave me a message here on this website (under the comment section below) or go to facebook.  Tell me what you like about the web site or a favorite project you enjoyed or simply just chat.  Each time you leave a comment your name will go into a drawing.  You can leave as many comments as you like and that will increase your chances to win.  The drawing will take place next Friday July 23.  The winner will be notified and I will mail the game to them.   I hope you will all participate.  These chicks are one of a kind, and surely will become a collectors item.  Besides, who would'nt want to play "Tic Tac Toe with a bunch of Chicks!"
Have fun,

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