March 22, 2011

"Flower Power"

Jenny ( the Bride)
Flowers... definitely my favorite planning stage of the wedding!  After careful research Jenny has chosen to go with fresh flowers.  Jenny theme is "garden" so it made sense to go fresh. Besides,  she felt fresh flowers make a wedding so romantic.

Jenny and Jim at Cape Coral Florists
 Wedding ideas and inspiration can be found all over the Internet with plenty of do-it-yourself ideas, and how-to information. And we considered creating the flower bouquets ourselves.  With the time and energy it would require, Jenny decided to go to one of our local florists at Cape Coral Floral.  Jim has 34 years of experience and does excellent work.  And their prices were not bad at all.

Jim ( Wedding Designer)
 Jenny and I met with Jim to discuss several options, and he was very open with what Jenny wanted.  Jenny looked at several bouquets online and narrowed it down to colors and style.  Jenny had printed out a couple so Jim was able to get a vision of what Jenny was looking for.  This allowed us to spend more time at our appointment discussing what what we want rather than wasting time on what we didn't.
The beauty and fragrance of wedding flowers symbolize promise and commitment between the couple.  it can be somewhat difficult to choose the right wedding flower. Listed below are 4  of the wedding flowers Jenny chose:
* Rose:  known as the queen flower.  Rose has always has been used by poets and romantic writers as a reflection of beauty, emotion,true love and passion.
* Calla Lily: An elegant calla lily looks sensational in a wedding bouquet.
* Tulip: Tulips come in many colors and symbolizes a powerful human emotion and a yellow tulip means, hopelessly in love.
* Hydrangeas: The powerful presence of hydrangeas infuse glamor and life to your wedding.
Now that you know the special meaning to some of Jenny's wedding flowers we just have to wait to see how fabulous the wedding flowers will look!
-Kate (Mother-of-the-bride)

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