June 5, 2011

What has Pam Vincent been creating?

Pamela Vincents newest flower garden
 Blogging on a regular basis is a big challenge once the snow melts and you want to spend every waking minute out side. Seriously, how many people are sitting on their computers when spring and summer are slapping you in the face? I thought I would check in with one of our "Chicks" Pam Vincent to see what new pressed dried floral art she has been working on. My oh my, her newest dried flower art is gorgous. Pam say's " I am planning my next dried flower creation to submit for the State Fair Fine Arts Competition. Last year I made it in with a photograph. This year, I'm going to call my creation, " My Godmother's Garden" In memory of her. I'm going to be busy in the studio working on this, and preparing for my Art show on July 9th for the Anoka River Fest."
Pam's work is very unique, as I have not seen anything like it at any craft or art show I have attended.

These pictures do no justice as they are beautiful to see in person.
Please check out her website at http://www.pamelavincentcreations.com/ and contact her by email if you are interested in purchasing her flower creations.

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