August 11, 2011

Mona Rae Cich's from Hidden Talents, Shares Her Autumn Creations

Mona Rae Cich
It is no secret that Mona Rae Cich is of the most fascinating woman I have ever met. We have featured her seasonal creations throughout the inception of Creative Chicks Cafe. Why? Because her two hands have created the most inspirational dolls and quilts I have ever seen. If I had to describe her with one word it would be "Perfection."
From the studio of Mona Rae:
Autumn brings that time of the year that the leaves cascade down from the trees above, this is no different than when a dream is presented to me on what I should make next. Colors of leaves are swirling around in this cloud and it all comes together in a form of a Scarecrow, Witch, Pillow, or Quilt. When I'm stuffing a doll I can feel the time when as a child I would take giant leaps into a pile of orange, gold, brown and green leaves. When a Scarecrow is finished I look at the happy smile that I have just placed on his face but I'm sure that if I turn him upside down that face turns into a grumpy one that would certainly chase away all of the crows that want to upset my harvest. Speaking of harvest I encourage you to take a look at my Etsy page to see what item you might like to harvest for your home, also join my Facebook page and watch as my creations come to life, maybe you can even participate in one of my "Name the Doll" or "Count the Stitches on a Quilt" contest.
May the Leaves of Life Swirl around you and give you the gift of Happiness.
Mona Rae


  1. Yippee! I'm the FIRST FRIEND. Folks this is one special special lady. She is not only a talented quilter, designer, business woman. She is marvelous human being. Once you are Mona Rae's friend you are enveloped by her wit, her kindness, her caring and concern. She is just like a quilt -warm and comfy. Each time you speak with Mona Rae you feel better, kinder, and don't be a stranger. Keep her and her work nearby.

  2. Ahh, lovin' Mona's scarecrows. She's a fun gal to have on our team too;-) Nice feature!

  3. Mona Rae is one talented lady...her dollies all have such personality! Happy to have her as a member of the Old Farmhose Gathering team! Very nice feature :)

  4. Good to see Mona getting the recognition she deserves! Love her beautiful creations!!

  5. Great to get know more about Mona Rae. So much talent. Just love her witches!
    Thanks for the featureBarb

  6. What adorable dolls and piecework...a talented gal INDEED!!
    Smiles, Karen

  7. Good evening,
    This is a wonderful feature on our Old Farmhouse friend. I would just love to meet Mona in person!



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