October 23, 2011

Talent Search in Progress

Kate taking a break from yard work and wondering who or what to feature next
Patty is thinking about who to feature next?

Fall is here and boy it seems everyone has been busy. We want to take a moment and thank everyone in helping us keep our Blog going. We started getting serious in March of 2010, we were at 3,000 blog hits at the time. Now, we are about to turn 22,000. We have met so many wonderful people along our journey. I think the greatest mystery of all is that everyone has a story. We know people through their work, but we really never knew about the artist at all. We have featured very unique and talented women, who believe in making handmade creations handed down from generations.  Our featured artists are all from referrals. We always ask them to "Pay It Forward" by referring another person of talent to us so we can put them in the "Spot Light."
If you or someone you know would like to be featured on CCC, please contact us on our Facebook page. It seems that more people are using Facebook then blogging lately.
Happy Creating,
Kate and Patty

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