November 12, 2011

The Season of Giving!

"Women of Today" information table
To greet this season of giving I am putting a more artful outlook to the gifts I give.  So I am on a quest to stop at every art and craft boutique I see.  There are literally hundreds of crafting boutique signs all throughout the St. Paul / Mpls. area.  I'm sorry to say I can't write about each and everyone of them but I'll try to give you some idea of what's hot this Holiday season. Below I have found two unique items that I thought would be of interest.  Last weekend I attended the ChamplinWoman of TodayWomen's Buisness Expo Arts & Craft Show, held at the Champlin High School.  The show is sponsored by the Champlin Woman of Today.  A non-profit volunteer organization that believes very strongly in service to others.  The show consisted of over a hundred and fifty crafters from many area communities.  Proceeds from the show are to benefit Champlin Park High School. Upon arriving it was evident the show was a success.  The only available parking spaces were on the outer edge of the parking lot.  Since it was a beautiful afternoon  the walk to and from the building was pleasant. This was my first time attending the show and I was very pleased at the variety of  art available and a wide variety of prices, very reasonable prices.

Fishing Rods by Dave Saukkola

 One booth that stood right out was was Dave Saukkola's" Finnlander Hand Crafted Custom Rods".  Yes, you read that right, custom fishing rods.  The most beautiful fishing rods I have ever seen.  Sure to make everyone a successful fisherman (woman).  If you would like to own your own custom rod or you know of someone that would love to have one, you can give Dave a call at 612-812-6879. 

Tracy with "Little Louie"
The most creative marketing booth goes to Little Louie's Crafts, LLC.  Tracy and her partner create hand made gift items for your kitchen, such as microwave pot holders and potato bags for cooking.  You can get your very own at their Esty Shop.  Now you ask, who is Little Louie?  Little Louie is a handsome English Springer with an artistic flair.  Louie actually picks out the fabric that Tracy uses in each item.  Louie not only produces kitchen items, he, with the help of his person (Tracy) make dog toys.  Not those squeaky kind with the stuffing that can get lodged in your dogs throat.  They are made with fleece and are very strong.  Even my two German Shepard's can't tear these apart.  And, what's really cool is profits from the sale of the toys go to Vest'NP.D.P. A non-profit organization that provides bulletproof and stab-proof vests for police dogs.  To learn more about them go to
Patty, Dale and I
So that wraps up my review of the Champlin Women of Today's Art & Craft Show Business Expo.  I hope this inspires all of you into supporting your crafters, artists and entrepreneurs by buying handmade this Christmas.

Saturday, November 12  I will be attending the mother load of craft shows..... Cantabury Park Art &; Craft Show in Mpls.  Check back next week for my review and some unique items that I find in CCC's "Blog Post".

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