December 6, 2011

Meet Tawny Dalton Bell, Owner and Creator of ThePrimitive Nook

Tawny Dalton Bell
Tawny Dalton Bell lives in McKenzie, TN., I was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in Florida. The daughter of a well known singer and musician, Robert Dalton. Whose music reached the national charts in the early 70's with hits such as "Mama Call Me Home" and "Papa's Home"
At the age of 13, our family (My Dad, Mom, myself and 2 brother's) left Florida living in an RV. We traveled for over 2 years singing gospel music in various churches and missions all over the United States. My Dad was very talented. He sang and played many instruments, painted and wrote books. He always told me that I could achieve whatever I wanted to if I set my mind to it. Also, to make sure if I was doing something, "Do it right, or don't do it at all." I still abide by those words to this day.
My first creation at 14 years old
God has given me many talents and I have been creative ever since I can remember.  While visiting my Grandmother in West Virginia, she found me digging and sculpting the clay soil in her yard. At the age of 14, I had made my first real piece of art and painted it with my nail polish. LOL! I still have that bear and will treasure it always.
In my early 20's I was hired as a seamstress at OshKosh-B'Gosh. I was quickly promoted to the position of training instructor having to learn 50 different jobs in order to teach new employees. Several years later, I was employed by another well known factory called Quality Auditor. Unfortunately, the company laid it's employees off in 1999. Shorty after my job loss, I went shopping one day with my sister-in-law to a adorable Primitive Shoppe, where she purchased a very expensive doll. I knew at that moment I could create primitive dolls. I was inspired to start my own business and the inception of "The Primitive Nook" turned from a dream into reality.
I began making and selling my creations to family and friends in my home town. Later, I sold my work at a flea market, but it was so far to travel. I decided a website would be better. In 2001 my website was built and in 2003 I began designing my own unique line of Primitive Patterns.
January of 2009, is when I lost my Dad to cancer. After that is seemed my creativity was lost... no matter how long I sat and tried to come up with something new, it just didn't seem to be working.
I am now back in full swing and very determined. I love to design and create to make others happy and to help them succeed. I write my patterns in printed and PDF email form with the beginner in mind... thinking back to my training instructor days at OshKosh.
My husband is very supportive of my business. I have a step daughter that is 22, two son's 19 and 16. Four months ago I became a Grandmother of a precious little girl named "Emily." She is the new light of my life and has helped fill that void from the loss of my Dad. She keeps me inspired all of the time with that big sweet smile of hers.
My goal is to keep sharing my talent of designing and bring smiles to my customer's faces. I love to help other people whenever I can and know that giving of myself makes me happier than anything. I am blessed to use my talent to help support my family and better yet, I get to play with dolls all the time.
Please visit my website to see all of my dolls at you can also visit me on ETSY
If you have any questions about my patterns, or dolls my email is

 My artist style is Primitive folkart and my favorite art media is fabric. I work 12 to 14 hours a day 5 days a week currently.  My favorite foods are Spaghetti, tacos and smoked pit barbcue.
If I won a million dollars I would pay all of my families bills off and then become the next secret Santa
If I could give someone advice who is just starting out I would tell them to never ever give up! Set goals and reach them....Market, market, market and just have fun!


  1. Great feature on a great artist! Thank you for sharing her story and talent.

  2. What a great interview on Tawny and the Primitive Nook. She sure is a sweetheart and seems to really love life. Her work is fabulous!!!


  3. Great article on Tawny and her adorable creations!

  4. Great feature on a great artist!! Thanks for sharing her story with us!!

  5. I LOVE Tawny's work! I'm the happy owner of a few of her patterns and look forward to working with more! So nice to get to know her better!

  6. Such a great posting on a very interesting journey---thanks for sharing. Tawny, your dolls are just wonderful!
    Smiles, Karen

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  8. Tawny, This article was an inspiration to any artist who thinks they might have talent, that you should pursue your God given talent and you will achieve what you are destined to do. Now I can see you creating and singing to your hearts content. Your work is beautiful.

  9. Who couldn't love you or your work. You are the definition of sincerity and the Good Lord knows that is lacking in our world today. My hope for you and this world is that you collide with as many people as possible - THEY will become the better for it. God Bless you Tawny you are the "REAL DEAL".
    PS. That little Emily is way past precious!!!

  10. Ms Tawny Bell forgot to mention something that almost defines her...she LOVES LOVES LOVES diet coke with extra cherry!!! She is a wonderful person with a big heart which is where her creativity comes from...the heart! Love you Tawny!!

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