October 1, 2013

Afton Art in the Park Festival September 28-29th

Creative Chicks Café Club

While the town of Afton Minnesota celebrated their 35th Annual Art in the Park Festival, the Old School Art School Studio had it's own party going on. By invitation only, our artisans put on the performance of a lifetime. We had arts, crafts, live music and free food sampling. Our missions is to find people with unique talents whom inspire others with their God given talents. Handmade all day, original, passionate and inspirational. The majority of us are entering the second half of our lives. The kids are gone and a spare bedroom becomes available, a corner in the basement opens up. Or even a darn shed in the back yard has been turned into a studio. For most of us, we work a full-time job and evenings and weekends are our time to create. To create with your hands and than "Wow" people with your talents is the greatest gift an artisan can give.
Join us on Facebook and send a LIKE our way. Take a moment to see our photos from our Fall festival held this past weekend.

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