April 16, 2010

Chicken Farm Class!

All of us at the Farm!

All the chicks are here and ready for their first class! Randy is throwing on the wheel. Within minutes, Randy has a pot already started.  

As we watched, this cylinder began to change and develop into one of Randy's amazing creations!

Guess what..... I get to keep it!!!! Yahoo!! Don't know how I'll get it home, but I'll be protecting it with my life!!!


  1. How fun does this look?!!

    I used to throw pots in college but that was another lifetime ... and I think it was mine!

    Have a wonderful time, make beautiful pots, and thank you for letting me be a small part of it!

    My best

  2. Hope you all survived the weekend and arrived back in Florida safe, sound and tired. Thanks for all the fun.... Gail

  3. Thanks Jo for your comment. We would love to hear more about your pottery experience in college if you get a chance.

    Thanks Gail for everything you did for us this weekend. We all had a blast. And, yes we are very tired!!!


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