April 24, 2010

Nothing inspires me more that a great workshop.  I love to watch everyone work on their projects.  I marvel every week at the confidence this "group of ladies" and a few "brave men" have gained over the past few years.  Many of them walked through the doors telling me "they are not creative" or they are "just here to watch".  That was in 2007.  OH! how things have changed.  Now everyone of us share a common interest.  CREATING.  There is something special that happens when we all get together each week and create.  

First I would like to thank Vicki  and a special
"chick chick hooray, chick chick hooray,
chick chick hooray . . . for our wonderful sign
she made.  It is awesome and something we
will treasure. 

These are just a few of the dozens of women, that have attended the Creative Chicks Cafe open workshops. Sadly, we are coming to the end of the season in sunny Florida and many have had to return to homes elsewhere.  This week alone we had to say "see ya soon, to Julie and Monica.  The good news, we have this blog to contune inspiring each other.

Now, onto other workshop news.  Congratulations to Irish Mary she sold her first piece, a stained glass butterfly.  She just began working with glass last year.  We are so proud of her.  Also, Laura it is so wonderful of you that you volunteer your time with Rely for Life.  The doll you created for your display this
year was incredible.  We need to let the Magazine "Art Doll" know about you.

We would also like to welcome Gaby to our class.  She is from Germany and will have to return in a couple of weeks.  But, we enjoy the time we have with her.  As you can see the other "chicks" kept busy as well.

Just a reminder chicks, I also will be leaving soon. Those of you who stay
here during the summer should gather together any supplies you will use to
keep creating!  Remember, "IF YOU can think it, YOU CAN create it!"

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