June 13, 2010


It seems like it has been forever sense my last posting. Well, I guess it has. But, it's time to come clean with what I've been up too. For years, I have promised that I would create a studio in Minnesota similar to what we have in Florida. And, I have been doing just that . . .

Our home is a four story brick house built in the 1970's. It sits perched on top of a hill with a beautiful view of the lake and valley below. In the evening, the sky is dotted with hot air balloons. The cry of the loons, the honks of the geese and a hoot of an owl, all add to the serenity of the environment. There are vegetable and flower gardens, an herb garden and a lavender bed. This year we have added four apple trees. I see my yard as an extension of my creativity I have ceramic sculptures, pots and fountains in all parts of the yard. But the most exciting thing is . . . I took the lower level of the house and created the perfect art studio. There are two large rooms and an attached 2 car garage. Sliding doors open out into the back yard.

Inside the studio there are large worktables and plenty of storage space. I have set up areas where you can create pottery and stained glass. A drafting table sits in a corner for those painters, scrapbookers and mixed media artists. When workshops are offered we have all the necessary materials to complete the project. I also have an extensive collection of fabric, paints, rubber stamps and all kinds of embellishments for your use. Plenty of counterspace and even a sink for cleanup. Yeah! Artists are free to bring in their own tools and supplies also. It is important that my creative space is a good working studio because this is where I spend most of my time. I can't wait to begin teaching workshops where we can all inspire and encourage each other . . . But first, I must pack up my belongings again, and take a trip to northern Minnesota where we have a cabin and yes I have another studio. But I will be back soon bursting with ideas for us to begin creating! -Kate

If you would like to share your creative space please send me a description of your studio, emphasis on organization and storage ideas, what makes it special and how you've personalized it. And a list of what type of art you create. Please include your name, website, photographs and how to reach you. You can email your gueries to katelund@yahoo.com
Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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