June 23, 2010

"Studio North"

At just about the time when I think I have everything just right---
the house is organized, the gardens are planted, the studio
is set up and ready to go . . . and so are we, to our final
destination, Detroit Lakes.  Here, I have the cutest little
studio in the backyard.  It is surrounded by beautiful
gardens and a neat little pond.  We call it "Studio North".

Last Thursday we began our first of a series of "Open Workshops"
to take place whenever possible. I say this because we will
still travel back and forth, and as I explained in a previous
post, we don't live on a schedule.  The downfall of having
three homes.

We began the morning meeting and greeting each other, there
were six total in the class. (seven if you include Fergie,
Gina's dog)  Because the studio space is limited inside, we
spread out into the gardens.  An amazing backdrop for
an incredible group of artists.  There is something about
creating around the flowers and the birds which is totally
magical.  The day was somewhat overcast and with the threat
of tornados all around us, added to the magic of the day.

I enjoy open workshop, the unstructured instruction adds
to the excitment.  Each person works on a different project.
Some enjoy stained glass, others made jewelry, clay or
stepping stones.  It's a total hands on experience.  You
just dig in and be creative. 

I hope this post inspires all of you to grab a sketchbook
and or art supplies and go outside to your special place
and get CREATING!


P.S. We will be here next Thursday if any of you "chicks"
in the Detroit Lakes area are interested.

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