September 11, 2010

Summer Reflections

It's here, the end... of what we call summer here in the North Country.  This spring, I was approached by some of my friends to have a workshop here at my studio in Detroit Lakes.  I loved that so many women were interested in coming.  The first workshop was more than I could of ever expected.  Some of the women attending I knew for a very long time and others I had never met before.  But each and every one of these women brought a wonderful creative spirit to our workshop every Thursday. 

I was so inspired by my long time friend Terri. Her enthusiasm brought out my excitement every week.  Another long time friend, Laurie was always there to pitch in and help.  If it wasn't for these two women I really don't know if "Studio North" would be the success it was.  I thank them so much for jumping in and opening the workshop on the days I was not able to attend.
 A new friend, Mary who came to us all the way from Maryland taught me patience.  Each week at class, she labored over a ceramic mosaic of a sailboat she created for her remodeled cabin.   And Maureen, so full of heart, she just took to stained glass like she had been creating windows all of her life.  Last week she purchased all the supplies to set up a studio in her own home.  Complete with her husband's blessing!   In fact, he is even getting into the creative spirit, and is going to learn wood working so he can help Maureen with her frames for her windows.

Darlene, a nurse from Fargo that I met at a local clothing store here in Detroit Lakes.  
She wasn't sure she could do anything and thought she would just come to watch, but soon she got into the spirit and not only made one stepping stone, she made two. 

Then there was Cathy and Pam.  What fun girls!  Cathy just jumped right in and created a ceramic sun. She completed it in a mosaic.  Pam is a wonderful cook.  Our last workshop we invited our husbands, Pam just whipped up some lamb chops and a potato dish do die for.  I think Pam will share the recipe with us.  Check out the recipe section on this web site.

Two other fun "chicks" were Cheryl and Diana "the real chicken lady" I have never met them before and what a joy they both are.   Diana was a guest at "The End of the Road Resort" which Cheryl owns with her husband.  We sure had a lot of laughs with those two.  Oh, and I can't forget about Patty M.  Her energy is addictive.  She not only cranked out a stepping stone, she made several cement birdbaths as well.

I am so happy I could share my summer with these women.  I hope I inspired them and the many others that stopped in to see what we were doing.  I will truly miss them this winter and I am really looking forward to creating together again next year.


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