July 7, 2011

Where Women Cook

Have you heard about the magazine "Where Women Cook"?

It's a new quarterly magazine from the publishers of "Where Women Create" and Somerset Studio. This magazine is choc full of entertaining ideas, recipes, inspirational stories and photos that make the food look amazing!

In the June/July/Aug issue you will begin with an article "From my Kitchen Table" written by non other than the renowned Jo Packman, Editor-in-Chief (and my "Rock Star"). Here she shares her thoughts on the dreaded "Cookers Block". Then as you dive into the issue you will be amazed at the wonderful women portrayed in these pages and the photography is phenomenal!

Tisha O'Dowd, a working mother of three, lived her life long dream of opening a medical spa, not just any spa , but a sanctuary for women. It's called Abbarcci. Then there's Katie Camarro who built a business based on her love of chocolate and a commitment to simple festive traditions and opened a successful business named "Sundaes Best". Don't pass up the article on Jenny Flake, author of the family-friendly recipe blog called the Picky Palate she also is living her dream, a stay at home mom who gets to create recipes, capture food photography and share it with those that read her blog. Another blogger from Chicago Illinois Angela J. Reed, Parisienne Farmgirl shares her workshop/kitchen with her readers. She gains her inspiration from a long lineage of farmer's wives.

Do you love "cupcakes"? then you will love Kari Haskell's "Retro Bakery" in Las Vegas, a must-eat destination where she has the most delicious and unique cupcakes anyone has ever eaten.

Have you ever had a life changing experience? That recently happened to Sarah Keenan when she decided to go to culinary school at Laguna Culinary Arts. Each morning she found herself leaping out of bed and donning her chef coat and racing down the Pacific Coast Highway to school. "Got a Dream? Do it!" Check out her food blog ~ Spry on Food.
Are you eating gluten-free or do you want to eat gluten-free? Check out Shauna James Ahern who after several years of inexplicable pain was finally diagnosed with Celiac disease. She removed gluten from her diet and took control of her life. She started Gluten-Free-Girl a website devoted to healthy eating habits.

Don't forget to read the article on Bowood Farms & Cafe Osage, a family-oriented business in the Central West End section of St. Louis, Missouri. In the article you'll meet Lizzy Rickard. She not only manages Bowood Farms, she also runs the retail business and the cafe', that was opened last year.

On page 104 you will meet Maria Lichty who together with her husband created a food blog called Two Peas and their Pod.  Maria's passion for food, family and the kitchen is her inspiration for this experience.   Josh and Maria work together on recipes and love to share those recipes with family and friends. And if you have a craving for hot chocolate, visit Mindy Segal at her restaurant and dessert bar, Mindy's Hot Chocolate, in Chicago, Illinois.

Fery (Fereshteh) Haghighi left her home country, Tehran, Iran in 1979 for Spokane, Washington where she began a new journey and opened a catering business. At Fery's Catering she brings the flavors of her homeland to the table.  Her food is unforgettable and so is her story.  You will definitely be inspired by her.

So this brings me to the last featured Chef in this issue of the magazine, Loralee Choate.  I had the pleasure of meeting Loralee at the Creative Connection Event last summer.  She is an absolute joy to be around.  If you are in need of some laughs and inspiration go to Loralee's Looney Tunes. A wonderful blog that's been around sense 2005.  Loralee has quite an amazing story to tell.  From tragedy to success.  She is currently director of this magazine, Where Women Cook and creator and author of  their blog, Amuse Bouche.  And to top it all off, she is a classically trained opera singer and actress.  I just love her, she is also on my top 10 "Rock Star List".

Not only are there a dozen featured articles, you have 7 regular departments, Farm Love, Homemade Living, Joy-Making Days, The Art Bar, Where Younger Women Cook, Pages, and (DE-FIN-I-Food) to enjoy reading.  And oh, by the way each featured chef is sharing some of their private, favorite recipes with you.  Which makes this magazine invaluable!

So there you go,  I thought I would just write a quick review of the new Where Women Cook magazine but as you can see it is well worth the 14.99 price tag.  Go out and get a copy TODAY,  I guarantee you will treasure every issue and my issues are placed right up on the shelf with the rest of my loved cooking books.

Check back soon for a review on the recipes. I will be trying the "Fresh & Summery Recipes from Where Women Cook.


      ~ Kate

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