February 10, 2012

A Container of Love!

How to Make your "Sweetie Pie” a container of sweet treats for Valentines day!
This little box is made out of colored card stock, plain or decorated.  Then it is folded and crimped to look like a sour cream box.  To personalize the box you can even print your own pictures onto the cardstock before folding.  Fill your decorative boxes with candies or other sweet treats of your choice.

Cut your piece of cardstock into a 5 ½ by 8 inch piece.

Roll it to make a tube and glue.  ( I started out with double sided tape but the boxes had a tendency to pop open.  Then I tried a glue stick and the same thing happened.)  So I settled on using my glue gun on the lowest setting and it worked perfectly.
 Gently squeeze one end together and glue.  Take the paper crimper and crimp the ends closed.  Crimp enough onto the container so you can see the crimping lines.

Fill the container with treats and or trinkets.
 Now gently squeeze the other end in the opposite direction and glue.  Then crimp shut, (the crimping really gives it the “sour cream container look”.

Decorate it with ribbon, tags and other embellishments.
I used preprinted sticky back felt hearts, chicks and other shapes.

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