February 6, 2012

Looking for New Opportunities in 2012

It's February and I'm over a month late on my News Year's Resolution post.  This year I am going to put in perspective what I want to do with my life and career as an artist.
I have had many wonderful opportunities in life.  I've worked as an event planner, teacher, costumer, a professional doll artist, a sculptor and potter,  mentored graffiti artists, and even owned a theater. In recent years I have been teaching "art" out of my home studios in Florida and Minnesota.  I love inviting women into my home to create and share their art and craft experience. Now I am thinking it would be nice to have an "outside the home studio."  There I would be able to create all day within no household distractions.  If you know what I mean?   
School building in 1886

1800's school building remodeling in 1962
Last week a wonderful old brick school building came up for sale in Afton, Minnesota.  I don't know how long it has been for sale, but I noticed it last week.  The building was built in the 1886 and renovated into a home in 1962.  It had a garage that was remodeled, complete with french doors surrounding it.  It was a perfect place for an artist studio.  Not only was it in the center of town but it was affordable too.  Now you all know that I have a love affair with the town of Afton. I volunteer at the Afton Historical Museum, I love to ski each week on the mountain in Afton Alps and I try to attend all the towns functions.  My family relocated there from Prussia in the 1800's. Most likely they even attended school in this very building.  Just a short walk down the street and you can visit the grave sites where they have been laid to rest.

Afton Art Fair
Unfortunately the building had already been sold. But that doesn't mean some other opportunity won't present itself.  But first I need to make sure my goals are specific so  I can identify those opportunities when they happen.

I need too:
- get focused, create a vision
- make a commitment
- do the numbers
- create a plan of action
- implement the plan
I even went back to skiing this year after not skiing for 16 yrs
That's me on the right
Most importantly, I need to keep moving forward.  As the old saying goes... " Taking the first step in in anything new can be scary.  But, once you take that step, don't look back, make yourself take that second step, then the third step and the fourth step and so on  Before you know it you will have run a mile and your life will have been forever changed."

What are your goals and dreams for 2012?  We would love to hear from you!  It's simple just leave a comment at the bottom of this post.  Remember we here at www.creativechickscafe.com are your support system.  We are here to inspire, encourage, enrich and share your creative experience!
So lets get creating.......


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