April 24, 2010

Nothing inspires me more that a great workshop.  I love to watch everyone work on their projects.  I marvel every week at the confidence this "group of ladies" and a few "brave men" have gained over the past few years.  Many of them walked through the doors telling me "they are not creative" or they are "just here to watch".  That was in 2007.  OH! how things have changed.  Now everyone of us share a common interest.  CREATING.  There is something special that happens when we all get together each week and create.  

First I would like to thank Vicki  and a special
"chick chick hooray, chick chick hooray,
chick chick hooray . . . for our wonderful sign
she made.  It is awesome and something we
will treasure. 

These are just a few of the dozens of women, that have attended the Creative Chicks Cafe open workshops. Sadly, we are coming to the end of the season in sunny Florida and many have had to return to homes elsewhere.  This week alone we had to say "see ya soon, to Julie and Monica.  The good news, we have this blog to contune inspiring each other.

Now, onto other workshop news.  Congratulations to Irish Mary she sold her first piece, a stained glass butterfly.  She just began working with glass last year.  We are so proud of her.  Also, Laura it is so wonderful of you that you volunteer your time with Rely for Life.  The doll you created for your display this
year was incredible.  We need to let the Magazine "Art Doll" know about you.

We would also like to welcome Gaby to our class.  She is from Germany and will have to return in a couple of weeks.  But, we enjoy the time we have with her.  As you can see the other "chicks" kept busy as well.

Just a reminder chicks, I also will be leaving soon. Those of you who stay
here during the summer should gather together any supplies you will use to
keep creating!  Remember, "IF YOU can think it, YOU CAN create it!"

April 21, 2010

Clay, Fire, and Fun!

If your idea of fun is a weekend learning and creating beautiful pieces of pottery,
then you would of loved the National Ceramics Week in San Angelo, Texas.
It was the ultimate weekend.  We arrived in Dallas Weds. night where some of
us spent the night at Gails, and some stayed at an apartment, owned by John and
Darlene of Trinity Ceramics. Gail had prepared wine and cheese and other goodies for us. Which we all enjoyed very much!

The following morning began with a five hour drive to San Angelo.  The weekend events kicked into gear Thursday afternoon with a workshop
with clay artist Randy Brodnax.  Art instructor at Cedar Valley
College in Lancaster, TX

Randy demonstrated his wheel thrown pottery techniques. 
All the "Chicks" recieved one of Randys pots. 
We are all thrilled to get one.  Thank you

Later that evening we dined at our favorite mexican restraunt, Franco's.  It's
just down the block from the Chicken Farm.  Then back to the farm for
great conversation and lots of fun! 

Friday morning we were back in Randys workshop.  Where again, we spent the day learning and sharing
pottery techniques.  About four in the afternoon we headed back to get cleaned up for the Opening Reception of the 18th San Angelo National Ceramic Competition at the Museum of Fine Arts.  A juried exhibit that features work from leading ceramic artists as well as undiscovered new talent from arcross the Nation, Canada and Mexico.  In addition to the opening, a series of other events took place in many nearby locations.

Friday culminated with our own, sort of, private dinner at the Chicken Farm.  Where Bill, Randy and Jerry put a feast of barbecue ribs, Randys dirty rice and corn on the cob for us, and about 50 others.  They were kind enough to share their secret recipes, and they will be posted in Creative Chicks Recipe Page.

Ceramics weekend contiuned on Saturday morning at the Old Chicken Farm Art Center with a demonstration conducted by "Invited Artist Susan Beiner".  The all day workshop included a wonderful lunch from the Chicken Farms "Silo Restraunt".  After lunch we went back to the demonstration with Susan. 

The "Chicks" took home lots of ideas from her workshop, including how to make "GOOP".  More ideas listed under the Creative Chicks Crafts and Projects page. 

Later that afternooon, Randy shared his
                                            instructions and techniques
for preparing a wood fire Raku Kiln.

Mickey  and the girls cut and hauled the firebrick that Randy used to
build the kiln.  This kiln had never been built before.  This was an idea
that Randy had been thinking about.  So it was quite awesome
to experience this project. 
With the hard work behind them the participants'
pieces were then gently placed inside the
kiln.  And firewood was delicatly placed inside. 
We were happily surprised at the outcome of this
project.  Late that afternoon and into the evening we
raku fired one of the other kilns at the chicken farm.
Jeremy had prepared pots for us to purchase.  We
then glazed the pots and they were fired.  The technique
we used was spraying the pots with etching spray,
after they were removed from the hot kiln.  We then
wrapped the pot in newspaper and a damp towel
was placed around it.  The pots turned out beautiful
with a golden glow and lots of crackle.

On Saturday evening we all enjoyed the Texas Barbecue Dinner.  Complete with musical evertainment.  And you betcha, we danced the night away.  We would like to thank John and Darlene Williams, Pam Baldine and Roger Allen, Kathy and Randy Brodnax and all the other many friends we made during this magical weekend.  To the delight of all of us, our goal of learning, inspiring and sharing was achieved.  See ya all next year, for sure!

April 16, 2010

Chicken Farm Class!

All of us at the Farm!

All the chicks are here and ready for their first class! Randy is throwing on the wheel. Within minutes, Randy has a pot already started.  

As we watched, this cylinder began to change and develop into one of Randy's amazing creations!

Guess what..... I get to keep it!!!! Yahoo!! Don't know how I'll get it home, but I'll be protecting it with my life!!!

April 14, 2010

Flying to Texas!!!!

Imagine . . .  Eight women set free to roam the lone star state of Texas?  After bag checks, body checks and SCREAMING babies we are all on our way to Dallas.  Armed and gaining a lot of attention we are all geared up in our BRIGHT "pretty in pink" t shirts.  Aunt Gail is picking us up at the airport when our family of eight will become a family of nine.  Maybe, after a restful night in Dallas we will set out across the Texas countryside to San Angelo for National Ceramic Week.  We are all so very excited but we already miss the peeps that could not come with us this time.  We hope you are all reading this and missing us too.Adios  Amigas!!!

April 10, 2010

The time has finally come ...... the trip to Texas we've all been waiting for.  Nine of you brave Chicks have spurred up the courage (that's Texas talk) to spend four wonderful days creating pottery in San Angelo, Texas.  We leave this Weds. for Dallas.  Thursday, we'll travel through the beautful Texas countryside to San Angelo and the Old Chicken Farm Art Center. Where we will begin our first workshop with renouned potter (and my good friend) Randy Brodnax.  His enthusiasm and wide range of information will set the stage for the next four days. (I heard this year we were going to get to build a Texas Glow Worm Kiln.  I am so excited.  You chicks wil LOVE it!) There are so many other activites for you to participate in.  Friday night we have the Opening Reception  of the 18th San Angelo National Ceramic Competition at the Museum of Fine Arts.  Saturday, we have a day long workshop with Invited Artist Susan Beiner at the Old Chicken Farm Art Center. On Saturday evening, guests , visitors and participants all partake of the Texas Barbecue Dinner, a long standing tradition of the Ceramic Weekend.  I have put together a package with all the information on all of the weekends activities, or you can simply go to the website. I can promise you, you will all go home full of ideas, energy and a great willingness to jump in and begin creating!!!!!

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