June 27, 2010

Last Thursday workshop at "Studio North"

Life is good!  It's summer, and the girls get together for a wonderful day of creating. Working on artistic projects while being surrounded by nature is very inspiring.  Nature offers some of the most beautiful and captivating colors and incorporating them into your creative design gives each piece new life.  I say "new" because a few of the "Chicks" are creating stepping stones, and they have incorporated old jewerly and china dishes into their designs.  Maureen worked on an old copper birdbath using dishes that she no longer used.  While Teri shopped our local flea market for hers.  Pam is using jewelry she already has to create a stunning stepping stone for her summer place.
Kathy, Sheri and Lori prepared clay peices for a mosiac, but first they have to be fired.  It will be fun to see what they do with them next week. Mary was inspired by a picture of a very colorful sailboat.  She is going to create a clay mosiac for over her kitchen stove in her summer cottage.  The final piece will be 2 ft x 3 ft  with many pieces.  It will be fun to see the progress.  Diane (the real "chicken Lady") started a beautiful stained glass window hanging  of . . . you guessed it!  A Chicken.  She took the design right off the t shirt she had on.  Now, that isn't the first time that has happened!!!
So as I said, life is good.  Especially next week, when we gather again for another open workshop at "Studio North" 
I look forward to seeing you all then.

June 23, 2010

"Studio North"

At just about the time when I think I have everything just right---
the house is organized, the gardens are planted, the studio
is set up and ready to go . . . and so are we, to our final
destination, Detroit Lakes.  Here, I have the cutest little
studio in the backyard.  It is surrounded by beautiful
gardens and a neat little pond.  We call it "Studio North".

Last Thursday we began our first of a series of "Open Workshops"
to take place whenever possible. I say this because we will
still travel back and forth, and as I explained in a previous
post, we don't live on a schedule.  The downfall of having
three homes.

We began the morning meeting and greeting each other, there
were six total in the class. (seven if you include Fergie,
Gina's dog)  Because the studio space is limited inside, we
spread out into the gardens.  An amazing backdrop for
an incredible group of artists.  There is something about
creating around the flowers and the birds which is totally
magical.  The day was somewhat overcast and with the threat
of tornados all around us, added to the magic of the day.

I enjoy open workshop, the unstructured instruction adds
to the excitment.  Each person works on a different project.
Some enjoy stained glass, others made jewelry, clay or
stepping stones.  It's a total hands on experience.  You
just dig in and be creative. 

I hope this post inspires all of you to grab a sketchbook
and or art supplies and go outside to your special place
and get CREATING!


P.S. We will be here next Thursday if any of you "chicks"
in the Detroit Lakes area are interested.

June 13, 2010


It seems like it has been forever sense my last posting. Well, I guess it has. But, it's time to come clean with what I've been up too. For years, I have promised that I would create a studio in Minnesota similar to what we have in Florida. And, I have been doing just that . . .

Our home is a four story brick house built in the 1970's. It sits perched on top of a hill with a beautiful view of the lake and valley below. In the evening, the sky is dotted with hot air balloons. The cry of the loons, the honks of the geese and a hoot of an owl, all add to the serenity of the environment. There are vegetable and flower gardens, an herb garden and a lavender bed. This year we have added four apple trees. I see my yard as an extension of my creativity I have ceramic sculptures, pots and fountains in all parts of the yard. But the most exciting thing is . . . I took the lower level of the house and created the perfect art studio. There are two large rooms and an attached 2 car garage. Sliding doors open out into the back yard.

Inside the studio there are large worktables and plenty of storage space. I have set up areas where you can create pottery and stained glass. A drafting table sits in a corner for those painters, scrapbookers and mixed media artists. When workshops are offered we have all the necessary materials to complete the project. I also have an extensive collection of fabric, paints, rubber stamps and all kinds of embellishments for your use. Plenty of counterspace and even a sink for cleanup. Yeah! Artists are free to bring in their own tools and supplies also. It is important that my creative space is a good working studio because this is where I spend most of my time. I can't wait to begin teaching workshops where we can all inspire and encourage each other . . . But first, I must pack up my belongings again, and take a trip to northern Minnesota where we have a cabin and yes I have another studio. But I will be back soon bursting with ideas for us to begin creating! -Kate

If you would like to share your creative space please send me a description of your studio, emphasis on organization and storage ideas, what makes it special and how you've personalized it. And a list of what type of art you create. Please include your name, website, photographs and how to reach you. You can email your gueries to katelund@yahoo.com
Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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