September 24, 2010

It's a great day for a "New Recipe"

One of the great things about living in the North Country is that you never
know what the weather will bring. Today is cloudy, cold and chilly! So what
 does a day like that mean for us crafters? It means fun. No yard work today
ladies. I not only like to create on days like this, I like to cook!

Have any of you heard of the “Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl yet.” Ree Drummond was one of the” Keynote Speakers” at The Creative Connection Event last weekend. And what a delight she is. Genuine, humble, funny and charming are just a few words that come to mind. Her book is simple home- cooking at its finest. There are easy step by step instructions complete with awesome photographs, so you can’t really mess up. Her story was so inspiring for me. I have always loved down-home cooking. I have been collecting family receipts for years. And, yes they use real butter too. Not as much as Ree does, but real butter, never the less.

One of the meals we had at the TCC Event was right out of Ree’s cook book. It was delicious. And, for dessert we enjoyed, and I mean “ENJOYED” her “Red Velvet Cake”. Normally I don’t like cake but this cake… WOW. I don’t think Ree would mind if I shared the recipe with you. Go to Creative Chicks “sharing of recipes”. But, I highly recommend you buy the book. You can order it from Ree herself, at or go to BARNES & NOBLE and get it today.

Also, check out Fabulous Friday at they are hosting a wonderful giveaway today. The Pioneer Woman Cooks is just one of the things you will get in this give away. You also get a TCC “Swag Bag”. A generous bag filled with all sorts of goodies. I know I have one! There is paint, glue, fabric swatches, soap, a CCT Event t-shirt, just tons of stuff. The bag itself was custom made by MODA Fabrics using Kaari Meng’s French General fabric line. I love mine, so you must register today! The contest ends Wednesday, Sept. 29th at noon (MST).

I’m going to the Wisconsin Dell’s this weekend. If anyone of you know of any Art fairs or Fall Festivals in the area please let me know. The comment section on this blog is still “under Construction” but you can send me an email

Have a great Friday and get cooking!


September 23, 2010

"Partial Post" - The Creative Connection Event

Dear Friends,
In preparing my final “Wrap Up” post, I am overwhelmed with inspiration. The kindness, creativity, sharing and the connecting was… oh for a better lack of words AWESOME! I just don’t think I can put it all in just one post, so over the next few days I will share with you some of the highlights I experienced while attending the Creative Connection Event in Minneapolis Minnesota.

This is me and Jo Packham, my “Rock star”. Her along with Nancy Soriano are the founders of The Creative Connection Event. Jo’s journey began more than 30 years ago in the publishing business. Just two years ago she along with Stampington & Company created the magazine “Where Women Create” my “bible” of the whole magazine industry. I pour over each issue, and then I pour over it again and again. She was the number one person on my wish list to meet. And she was everything I expected, cool, calm, generous, kind, inspiring, just to name a few of the hundreds of words to describe her. I highly encourage you to learn more about her and her magazine at

As I explained in a past post, my camera skills with my iphone were to say the least not good.  Nancy is on the left. She is soooo cool. Beautiful too! What energy and enthusiasm she displays. That is why she spent 10 years as editor in chief of Country Living magazine. She is passionate about creative women and is very encouraging to hundreds of women entrepreneurs all over the world. You can hear more from her on Sirius Radio where she is a design and home keeping expert on Martha Stewart. I know you are all busy creative women but, if you can grab a cup of coffee and catch Good Morning America, she is their expert lifestyle specialist. And yes, they are both standing on a table.  This was at our farewell cupcake party.  You see what I mean, two down to earth passionate women!
"Some of the Team"

Well, I tried to keep my ramblings short. This is the best I could do today. These 2 women are so fantastic and inspiring that I could write the whole blog about them. So please check them out, you will not be disappointed.

Have a great day and go create something!



September 20, 2010

Help! Does anyone have any great pictures of "The Creative Connection Event"

I am so excited to bring you highlights from “The Creative Connection Event”.  But, as most of you know I live in two different states.  And yes, you guessed it my camera happens to be in the other state.  All summer long I have relied on my iphone photo application.  But after the event I now know how important it is to have GOOD photographs.  And yes again, you guessed it, my photos suck!  So I am putting out a call for help.  Any of you out there that attended the event would like to share your photos with our readers here at Creative Chicks CafĂ© I would SOOOOOOOOOOOO appreciate it.  You can email them to me at 

Please leave a link to your website so I can give you full credit for the pics.  Thanks -Kate

September 16, 2010

"Seeking out a connection"

 It's the start of "The Creative Connection Event" in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A three day conference featuring creative women from all over the world.  This got me thinking, where my creative connection began. . .
 At 21, I was a stay at home mom with a husband 2 small children, a house and a dog.  My grandmother decided to pass down her treasured sewing machine to me. I watched her sew all my life and even made several projects of my own. But, now I was on my own. I began sewing, sewing and sewing. I made everything from my children's clothes to curtains, place mattes and Christmas ornaments.
 When the kids got a little older I thought it was time for me to get a part time job working evenings and weekends. So, off I went to apply at a place called Minnesota Fabrics. I was full of confidence. I wore, what I thought, a beautiful pair of slacks that I had  designed and created.  I was sure I would get the job! I walked up to the manager and asked for an application, which he handed me right away.  But, I could not miss the overall look he gave me, nor could I miss the fact he didn't quite like what I was wearing. He gave me the application anyway. After filling it out, I was then to take a test to see if I could measure, cut fabric, and attend to other activities in the store. At that time, being self taught I was completely out of my league, and I failed.  Needless to say, I was not hired. However, I was determined  not go home without a job.
 As I was leaving, I noticed the Jolly's Hobbies and Craft Store next to the fabric store. So I walked in and spoke with the nicest lady. I told her all about my interview and then explained my experience. I told her I spent many hours painting with my grandfather. I helped him build ships. We did scrap booking and I sewed with my grandma. They were not hiring at the time but, she said she needed me there, so she hired me. I loved that job. I got to do everything from stocking shelves displays and creating sample items. But, do I dare say it. The really best part, every time I opened or closed the store I got to look over at the manager of the fabric store and smile. Now 30 years later, I look back on what an impact that made on me then and today as an artist.
 This weekend while I am attending The Creative Connection Event in Mpls Mn., where hundreds of women, like me, will gather together to inspire, learn, connect and share, I will think of all of you and I look forward to sharing with you my thoughts and ideas about this unique opportunity Jo Packham and Nancy Soriano, as creative women are offering to us.
Keep Creating

September 11, 2010

Summer Reflections

It's here, the end... of what we call summer here in the North Country.  This spring, I was approached by some of my friends to have a workshop here at my studio in Detroit Lakes.  I loved that so many women were interested in coming.  The first workshop was more than I could of ever expected.  Some of the women attending I knew for a very long time and others I had never met before.  But each and every one of these women brought a wonderful creative spirit to our workshop every Thursday. 

I was so inspired by my long time friend Terri. Her enthusiasm brought out my excitement every week.  Another long time friend, Laurie was always there to pitch in and help.  If it wasn't for these two women I really don't know if "Studio North" would be the success it was.  I thank them so much for jumping in and opening the workshop on the days I was not able to attend.
 A new friend, Mary who came to us all the way from Maryland taught me patience.  Each week at class, she labored over a ceramic mosaic of a sailboat she created for her remodeled cabin.   And Maureen, so full of heart, she just took to stained glass like she had been creating windows all of her life.  Last week she purchased all the supplies to set up a studio in her own home.  Complete with her husband's blessing!   In fact, he is even getting into the creative spirit, and is going to learn wood working so he can help Maureen with her frames for her windows.

Darlene, a nurse from Fargo that I met at a local clothing store here in Detroit Lakes.  
She wasn't sure she could do anything and thought she would just come to watch, but soon she got into the spirit and not only made one stepping stone, she made two. 

Then there was Cathy and Pam.  What fun girls!  Cathy just jumped right in and created a ceramic sun. She completed it in a mosaic.  Pam is a wonderful cook.  Our last workshop we invited our husbands, Pam just whipped up some lamb chops and a potato dish do die for.  I think Pam will share the recipe with us.  Check out the recipe section on this web site.

Two other fun "chicks" were Cheryl and Diana "the real chicken lady" I have never met them before and what a joy they both are.   Diana was a guest at "The End of the Road Resort" which Cheryl owns with her husband.  We sure had a lot of laughs with those two.  Oh, and I can't forget about Patty M.  Her energy is addictive.  She not only cranked out a stepping stone, she made several cement birdbaths as well.

I am so happy I could share my summer with these women.  I hope I inspired them and the many others that stopped in to see what we were doing.  I will truly miss them this winter and I am really looking forward to creating together again next year.


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