November 30, 2010

Hand Made Quilts Touched With Love

My graduation quilt

The unfinished quilt complete

I have never been a quilter, or mastered sewing, but boy could my mother sew. She made clothing for my sisters and I when we were kids, and even created outfits for our barbie dolls. When we were in high school she took up quilting. My Mom learned to quilt from reading books, and she convinced my Dad to help her cut the material for her. Believe it or not, my Dad began working side by side with Mom. When my twin sister and I turned 18 years old, Dad gave us each a quilt he hand stitched himself. Mine was a brown and white star burst and Pam's blue. My parents created quilts only during the winter months and gave them to their children and close friends. My father died eleven years ago, and the white log cabin quilt was half complete. Mom stopped making them after Dad passed. My sister Pam, took the unfinished quilt to a women for her to complete, my mom was so surprised. Mom passed away two and a half years ago, I have kept their quilts on a rack in my bedroom for years. Family heirlooms, keepsakes, gifts made with love. The holidays are a time for family, friends and remembering our loved ones. Receiving a gift that someone made with their hands is the greatest gift of all. I encourage everyone this holiday season to make, create, and give a gift  made with love. Happy Holidays, Patty

November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from "The Chicks" at Creative Chicks Cafe

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November 23, 2010

How to make a "Pumpkin Centerpiece" for your "Thanksgiving Day Dinner Table"

With Thanksgiving only 2 days away I wanted to come up with something creative to sit center stage on my dinner table. I thought a cornucopia would look nice but I had only an hour before our guests from up north would be here. Soooo….

First I cut one 16”x 36” rectangle out of the orange fabric. (I used Felt)

Then I sewed a gathering stitch along both 36” ends.

Next I stitched together the 16” ends.

Then I turned it right side out.

After that I pulled the gathering stitches on one end and hand stitched it together.

I stuffed the inside with stuffing.
Then I hand stitched the top opening closed.
 I took yarn and wrapped it around the pumpkin eight times to give shape.

 After that I hot glued a stick and some silk leaves, flowers, ribbon or whatever embellishment you can find.

 I have been making dragonfly pins to sell in the Creative Chicks CafĂ© Christmas Boutique so I pinned one of them to the side for decoration and character!

It was so easy maybe you would like to make one too! 
Happy Thanksgiving, -Kate

November 21, 2010

Handmade Crotched Washcloths

I have been making crocheted blankets for many years. Recently, a friend showed me a crocheted washcloth. I said; " I have never heard of them before." She replied; "Oh Patty, where have you been, they have been around for years." Of course I had to try it, so off to the craft store I went in search of "cotton" yarn. The colorful selections were outstanding. I had a sample to work from, which made it easy. I thought, what a great Christmas gift idea, but I better make one and try it first. I would hate to give a gift that was a flop. Oh my gosh, I love them... they are absorbent, clean so well, and do not smell. Best of all they are great for the environment, inexpensive and can be used forever.
25 single, add on one to replace first stitch on new row
add second row, single stitch, always hook under top two loops
Double crochet chain 3, for 10 rows, then add a single row to finish off top
What a great idea for a Grannie Square blanket
I use a "J" size crochet needle, single crochet 25 stitches, add one to replace the first stitch of the first row. Then a second row of single stitch. Third row though Tenth row, use double crochet chain 3. Last row, single stitch to finish is it off. I was able to make two dishcloths per skein. For my family members who follow our site daily- Guess what your getting this year for Christmas. A special thanks to my friend for sharing this new, fun and easy gift idea.  Patty

"Chuckwagon Beans Recipe"

Gail sent this recipe for "Chuckwagon Beans" for the "Creative Chicks Recipe Contest".  I thought I would post it today in case anyone would like to make it for today's football parties.  This and the other submitted recipe's can be found in Creative Chicks Recipe File.  "Thanks Gail"  -Kate

Fry:    1 lb of BACON (drain and set aside)
Fry:    3 lbs of HAMBURGER
          1 chopped ONION
          2 cups CELERY chopped
          2 GARLIC cloves chopped
Drain and set aside. Place bacon and hamburger mix in roaster pan. (turkey size)

Add:  3 large cans of BUSHES BAKED BEANS
          2 cans of BUTTER BEANS
          2 cans CHILI BEANS
          2 cans KIDNEY BEANS

Mix in Bowl:
         1/2 cup CATSUP
         4 to 5 Tbsp MUSTARD (yellow)
         1 cup BROWN SUGAR
         2 tsp PEPPER
         4 Tbsp MOLASSES
Stir mixture into beans COVER and bake 1 hour at 350 degrees
UNCOVER and bake an additional 20 minutes.
Add:   1 cup shredded cheese just before serving. (I use Lakes American) You can usually get it in the deli counter, sometimes it will be in a box like Velveeta.  It's twice the price of Velveeta, but much better.

Love, Gail

November 16, 2010

"Let's Be Thankful" Holiday Recipe Drawing

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November 13, 2010

2010 Fall Photo Contest Winner

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November 11, 2010

Underground Art Gallery "Art to Sea"

Recently, Patty, Tammy and I traveled south of the Twin Cities to visit our dear friend Sheila Wayne.  Sheila is co-owner with her partner Dave Peterson of the" Underground Art Gallery" in Hastings, Minnesota.
 The gallery is filled with  a delightful array of one-of-a-kind artworks, by local and national renowned artists, with a variety of styles and price range.  This established venue offers endless sculptures, pottery, raku, fine glass, oils, watercolors, acrylics, print making, jewelry, nautical and sea life related pieces.

 Sheila and Dave reside in the Hastings area and have owned their gallery since 1997.
Sheila, an artist all her life, has recently been creating clay sculpures, mosasics, and beadworks.
Dave, is a fine art photographer and creates digital illustrations of local landmarks.  Both of their works are available for sale in the gallery. The "Underground Art gallery," is unique, warm, bright and inspirational.  There is so much to view, you can browse for hours looking for your treasure.

After our visit to the gallery, we had the opportunity to travel down the road where Shelia introduced us to Mecca and George Manz.  A husband and wife "Artist Team" that focuses on hand made custom fused glass pieces, stained glass, mosaics, painting, bone carving and various other art forms. They specialize in blending recycled materials into a piece of art that is unique and lasting.

Although Mecca and George have seperate talents, all of their pieces are created in a "team effort". 
Their creations can be seen at the 5th Annual Hastings Artist Show and Sale at the Leduc Historic Estate in Hastings, Mn.  The show is free and open to the public, November 6-14 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Both the Underground Art Gallery and The Leduc Estate are a must stop location on your fall drive this season.

You can see more of these amazing artists and their works at "Creative Chicks Cafe on-line magazine",
coming in 2011 !  - Kate

November 8, 2010

Hurry, Hurry, 4 days remaining for our Fall Photo Contest

Oh my goodness only four days left to submit your creativity for our Fall Photo Contest. The winner will receive a beautiful dried floral framed creation made by Pamela Vincent. Submit your photo's to:
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November 5, 2010


What does 2 old couch pillows, left over fabric scraps, 4:00 in the morning and a crazy artistic Grandma get you . . . . . .
                 "Bed Buddies"
I have not been able to sleep the past couple of days  At four A.M. each day I have been wide awake and ready to begin my day.  I think it's because I am so excited, any day now we will be heading south to Florida for the winter.  There, I have a wonderful studio and 2 awesome grandchildren.  Each fall I bring a special surprise back with me.  This year I thought I would purchase 2 large stuffed animals but haven't got around to it yet  Then the idea struck me. . .  I was enjoying a morning cup of coffee when, well, you know how it goes. . . So off to the workshop I went. 

To do this there is not really a technique, I just start cutting and sewing.  I tried to make Emiley's look like a strawberry.  I got the idea because of the strawberry print fabric.  I don't know if I've achieved it but it's cute anyways.  Adam's "Bed Buddy" was going to be a giant pumpkin ( I have pumpkins on the brain!).  But," lo and behold" it turned into an owl!  While sewing them I included pockets wherever I could.  I call them "secret pockets"  they can put anything in them that they would like to take to bed.  Really, I just thought of all the things they can store in them to bring to Grandmas when they "sleep over"!

The pillow itself is 18 inches by 18 inches and they are very soft and fluffy.  Emiley called me this morning on her way to school and I told her I had a surprise for her.  She wants me to wrap them up with a big bow.  I think it will be fun to see them open it.  I will take pictures and post them on Facebook when that happens!!!
P.S.  Does anyone want one of these " Bed Buddies to give as a Christmas gift.  If so I am willing to make them.  They are so much fun.  I relate it to making dolls or puppets, they just come to life before your very eyes and take on a personality of their own!
So, If you want one or maybe you have an idea for one please leave me a post right below, where it says "Post Comments".  I really look forward to hearing from you. . .   Thanks!

November 3, 2010

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