November 30, 2010

Hand Made Quilts Touched With Love

My graduation quilt

The unfinished quilt complete

I have never been a quilter, or mastered sewing, but boy could my mother sew. She made clothing for my sisters and I when we were kids, and even created outfits for our barbie dolls. When we were in high school she took up quilting. My Mom learned to quilt from reading books, and she convinced my Dad to help her cut the material for her. Believe it or not, my Dad began working side by side with Mom. When my twin sister and I turned 18 years old, Dad gave us each a quilt he hand stitched himself. Mine was a brown and white star burst and Pam's blue. My parents created quilts only during the winter months and gave them to their children and close friends. My father died eleven years ago, and the white log cabin quilt was half complete. Mom stopped making them after Dad passed. My sister Pam, took the unfinished quilt to a women for her to complete, my mom was so surprised. Mom passed away two and a half years ago, I have kept their quilts on a rack in my bedroom for years. Family heirlooms, keepsakes, gifts made with love. The holidays are a time for family, friends and remembering our loved ones. Receiving a gift that someone made with their hands is the greatest gift of all. I encourage everyone this holiday season to make, create, and give a gift  made with love. Happy Holidays, Patty

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