November 21, 2010

Handmade Crotched Washcloths

I have been making crocheted blankets for many years. Recently, a friend showed me a crocheted washcloth. I said; " I have never heard of them before." She replied; "Oh Patty, where have you been, they have been around for years." Of course I had to try it, so off to the craft store I went in search of "cotton" yarn. The colorful selections were outstanding. I had a sample to work from, which made it easy. I thought, what a great Christmas gift idea, but I better make one and try it first. I would hate to give a gift that was a flop. Oh my gosh, I love them... they are absorbent, clean so well, and do not smell. Best of all they are great for the environment, inexpensive and can be used forever.
25 single, add on one to replace first stitch on new row
add second row, single stitch, always hook under top two loops
Double crochet chain 3, for 10 rows, then add a single row to finish off top
What a great idea for a Grannie Square blanket
I use a "J" size crochet needle, single crochet 25 stitches, add one to replace the first stitch of the first row. Then a second row of single stitch. Third row though Tenth row, use double crochet chain 3. Last row, single stitch to finish is it off. I was able to make two dishcloths per skein. For my family members who follow our site daily- Guess what your getting this year for Christmas. A special thanks to my friend for sharing this new, fun and easy gift idea.  Patty

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