November 23, 2010

How to make a "Pumpkin Centerpiece" for your "Thanksgiving Day Dinner Table"

With Thanksgiving only 2 days away I wanted to come up with something creative to sit center stage on my dinner table. I thought a cornucopia would look nice but I had only an hour before our guests from up north would be here. Soooo….

First I cut one 16”x 36” rectangle out of the orange fabric. (I used Felt)

Then I sewed a gathering stitch along both 36” ends.

Next I stitched together the 16” ends.

Then I turned it right side out.

After that I pulled the gathering stitches on one end and hand stitched it together.

I stuffed the inside with stuffing.
Then I hand stitched the top opening closed.
 I took yarn and wrapped it around the pumpkin eight times to give shape.

 After that I hot glued a stick and some silk leaves, flowers, ribbon or whatever embellishment you can find.

 I have been making dragonfly pins to sell in the Creative Chicks CafĂ© Christmas Boutique so I pinned one of them to the side for decoration and character!

It was so easy maybe you would like to make one too! 
Happy Thanksgiving, -Kate

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