September 4, 2011

Motherlode Toad Factory- Meet Robyn Martin

Robyn Martin of Motherlode Toad Factory
Nestled in the historic Sierra-Nevada Foothills the Motherload Toad Factory is delighted to have you share in the “Contagious, Creative Insanity” that flows out amongst the love and laughter within.
Rock wall and wine barrels Mural
Murel in a residential home

My name is Robyn Martin and I was given a wonderful legacy of a lifetime love of fabrics and sewing by my Grandmother Evaretta, an avid seamstress and quilter.  I have been creating and designing my entire life (which is a lot of years).  I lived and went to school in Southern California. Too busy making “stuff” to go to college.  I started painting murals professionally for an interior decorator in my early teens and was an enthusiastic, prolific painter in both oils and acrylics for several years.  One of my favorite memories was getting a blue ribbon at the Los Angeles County Fair in 4th Grade for a finger painting. To top off the Blue Ribbon, someone actually bought the painting.  Once I achieved the wonderful title of “Granny” (nine times) in later years, I decided that ladders and Grannies do not mix very well and I retired from Mural Painting.
The Critic
I have always loved sculpting with Papier Mache and really enjoy mixing up my own paper pulp.  My studio is my laundry room. I have an abundance of cupboards, large Formica counters and linoleum floors to help contain my many and varied messes.
Dino float
The largest project I have attempted (so far) was a float entry that was a life-sized baby dinosaur. He had an armature of my husband’s entire Toyota Pick-up truck underneath.  The next year the truck became a Covered Wagon pulled by an eight foot Monarch Butterfly.  Fortunately, (for the truck and my husband) the parade was cancelled the following year!

My inspiration must come from the creative muse gene in overdrive I was born with. I have more ideas and things to make than years left to create them. My Artistic style is best described as “Eclectic Creative Insanity” it varies minute to minute.
Besides Papier Mache, I now am creating and sculpting all kinds of critters from muslin. They are sewn, sculpted and then painted. Many of my designs are now available in both printed and E-Pattern format so others can enjoy making them too.

ECHO the Crow
My artwork is only shown on ETSY and at a once a year Boutique in my area. I did do a lot of shows and events in the past, but limit myself to only one show now, since I retired 10 years ago.  I also have a blog- please visit me at

The Motherlode Toad Factory is quite appropriate, in that I live in the Gold Country and at any given time, I am generally surrounded by toad, frog and other critter body parts waiting to be assembled.

I have a few questions for Robyn:

1.Q.  What skills have you found essential in your work?

   A. Patience, concentration and always a sense of humor.

2. Q. How often do you work?

    A. I never “work,” but I do create everyday something new and intriguing.

3. Q: What was the most significant decision you ever made?

 A. To marry my husband David of 50 years! (June 17th this year) He is very patient and understanding of my “Creative insanity.”

4. Q:  What are your favorite foods to eat?

    A. A great green salad and seafood.

5. Q: What makes you laugh the most?

    A. Everything makes me laugh. Including myself! Life is so full of things to see, do and laugh at.

6. Q: Who is your favorite artist?

    A. Monet. I love the soft colors in his water lily paintings.

7. Q: If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?

    A. I would try to buy a clone of myself so she could do all the housework, cooking, etc. and I could just make “stuff” all day. But, on the second thought, I’m not sure the world could take two of me and I’d probably put it in a trust for my grandchildren’s college fund!

8. Q: What words of wisdom do you have for someone starting out?

    A:  Always try new things. Follow your Muse!  Have patience and learn from your mistakes. Insert        humor and whimsy into your life and works of Art. LOVE what you do!

9. Q: What is your favorite quote?

     A:  “I dream my painting and then I paint my dream” Vincent Van Gough

Crow on Pumpkin

Robyn,Thank you for sharing your work and story with us.  Robyn’s email is   if you would like to contact her.

Leonard and Wesley
Nyia The Mermaid


  1. Oh Robyn, you are so lovely. What a great picture of you!!! I mean I KNEW how "pretty" your works of art were but I could never really "picture" you.
    I'm so happy to see you here at Creative Chicks. You need to be seen by the whole wide world of Creative People!!! Love your work! Linda, the Mousemaker from Warmth on Etsy.

  2. Robyn is not only a fabulously talented artist but as good a friend as one could ever have. What a wonderful feature this is! They've captured both your whimsical spirit and your creative genius. And my Echo is even included!

  3. What a nice feature. Robyn is such a talented artist, not to mention a wonderful person!

    Deena Davis

  4. Since I joined Etsy and the OFG team I have admired her work, the artistic talent she has must come from within her soul and heart. Outstanding work.

  5. Robyn is a fantastic, talented lady!!! It's a joy to 'know' her. Very nice article!!

  6. I can't say enough about Robyn's creations!Her talent is amazing, but it is her heart that shines through with each and every item. I am blessed to have her as a dear friend!

  7. What a wonderful feature on a really wonderful GAL!! Robyn has such a talent and such a great outlook on life--a real joy that is infectious! Thanks for telling us a little more about her and her work.
    Smiles, Karen

  8. I enjoyed SO much reading more about Robyn! She has a wonderful sense of humor that is echoed in her work! Thanks so much for letting us get to know a little more about her! LOVE HER AND HER WORK!!!

  9. What a lovely feature on Robyn! And a lovely blog, too.

  10. Great feature on a very talented lady, Valerie

  11. Wow! I always knew Robyn is a wonderfully talented gal. Holy wow Robyn, you could go Hollywood!

  12. It was great to get to know more about such a lovely and talented lady! Love her work. Thank you for the feature on her and her art.

  13. What a wonderful story! Thank you so much for introducing me to the amazing woman behind the beautiful work!


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