September 23, 2011

Update from yesterdays post. "Chasing our Roots"

Louise "Albertina" Zabel Steindorf

Benie & Lucy
We found the babies! You can't imagine our excitement at locating them. As I told you yesterday, Albertina Zabel Steindorf was my Great Grandpa Als Mother.  She was just 34 years old when she died.  Of what she died we do not know. Yet! Albertina (Tina)  gave birth to six children during her short lifetime. Two of which died.   Albert, (Benie) was Albertinas fourth child, he died on the day he was born.  It is not known if he was still born or lived a few hours. Lucy is Tina's third child and was about four months old when she died, and we also don't know the cause of death. Yet!  There are so many unanswered questions......
What did they die from?

Making a rubbing of the headstone
 Why were the babies buried in St. Peters Cemetery and not St. Paulus?
Why is Tina the only child of Gottfried and Christine Louise Zabel buried in St. Paulus?
Where did they live?
Are there any records of Gottfried being a Tailor?
Where are the other children, Bertha ( married George Reimers), Frederick (died in 1906 at 26yrs of age), and Lewis.  My Great Grampa Al is buried in Union Cemetery in Maplwd. Mn with his wife.   He was the youngest of Tina children's.
So many unanswered questions....but so fun discovering them!
I would like to extend a thank you to, Afton Museum, Mudslingers Pottery and the many others that have helped us with this along the way.  You have all been extremely helpful and it has been a pleasure to work with all of you.  If anyone out there has any suggestions please let us know.  My e mail is

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