March 21, 2011

It's Spring, a good time for a Wedding!

Jenny and Rob
 One of your hosts here at Creative Chicks Cafe, and my daughter, is getting married!  Yes, can you believe it... Jenny's getting married! The special day is coming up fast.  May 7, 2011.  I don't even want to think about how close it is. In honor of this special event we are featuring some posts about meaningful, unique wedding ideas.  Planning a wedding from start to finish is definitely not an easy task and can bring with it moments of exhaustion and stress. But,   I also find it extremely exciting.

The wedding invitation
 Hosting a wedding involves decisions. The wedding theme is the foundation for these decisions and is the inspiration for all ideas and creativity in transforming the wedding day into something special. Cute and sweet, with endless possibilities is the love bird theme.  Birdcages and bird-printed anything are in abundance this spring. The wedding invitations were
purchased at Micheals.  BRIDES, a wedding collection from the editors of  Brides Magazines designed them.  We had them printed at Office Max in just one day. Total cost for invitations and printing, under $150.00. 

inspiration dress
 The next step was the choice of the Bridesmaids dresses.  Color and style were easy. Truth be told, Jenny has been planning her wedding day since we can remember and for at least ten years we have kept a evening gown the color of jade and black in the back closet as inspiration.  So it was not difficult to move on from there.  Jenny chose Alfred Angelo, for both her wedding dress and the Bridesmaids dresses.  I wish I could show you the dress she has chosen, but,  I'll have to save that for after the wedding.  I can tell you  that her wedding dress is ivory and the girls dresses are jade.  Each Bridesmaid has selected a unique style of her own.

So with all that being done, it's time for the Bridal Shower.  The shower will take place this Saturday. with an Asian Flair.  This is where you come in...
I am looking for ideas.  Whether it be food, decorating, games, etc.  If you have a website you would like to share or an experience we would find helpful please leave us a comment below.  Or you can email me at  We appreciate any and all ideas...
Have a great day!

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