July 19, 2019

Upcoming Intentional Creativity Classes

July 19, 2019

Hello all you Creative Chicks out there...

This year I am diving deep into an online certification program called Color of Women.  Toward the end of this year, I will be a certified Intentional Creativity teacher where I will implement methods that help students connect more deeply using their own inner wisdom through art and creativity.
Intentional Creativity art experiences offer people a chance to clear stuck energy and old stories, while transforming that story into a dynamic possibility.  The process begins with an inquiry then some journaling, a little dancing, and some chocolate to gain access to the subconscious and body wisdom.  No need to have painting experience  This process is perfect for the beginner as well as the experienced artist. Entering into art experiences like this will provide you with a portal to a deep kind of awareness where you will experience joy, flow and the beauty of life in any art medium you choose.

Here are some of the upcoming art  classes I will be offering in Intentional Creativity,

Junk Journaling

Creative Journaling for those that need to let Go -  In this one day workshop you will experience color, magic and music while immersing yourself into journaling  You will begin with a blank composition book and will end with a beautiful book of color , memories and more to cherish for yourself or give as a gift to that someone special.

Soul Cards - Celebrating the SOUL-stice in you!

Creating your own personal affirmation cards - Using acrylic paint and watercolor paper you will combine words with images while creating  beautiful divine, nourishing individual Soul Story cards that serve to support you in your life's journeys while accessing
your personal truths  I offer a supportive guided art journey that
will lead you to the creation of 12 or more meaningful take home art cards meant to remind you and offer you support on  your path.
Art heals - Art Empowers

Magic of your MUSE - A heart - art Journey

Explore your inner soul  as you enter the portal of your canvas with the magic wand of the paint
brush  We will use the 13 step painting process of Intentional Creativity to find that heart space in you through listening and allowing your joyful stories to appear along with your Muse onto
your canvas while you experience a sense of merriment and playful discovery.  And you will take home your very own precious art work as a remembrance.

Queen of your own heart.

You are invited to the palace of What's Possible  A place where you will be free to explore and manifest from your own QUEEN self. This art experience is an invitation to discover your own queen ways and wisdoms.  This is an artistic spiritual journey with your inner Queen as the guide. You will explore the ways you have not been tending to her and where she will take you - nobody knows .

Every woman is Queen of her own heart
She must decide how to govern her own domain
She seeks friends and allies that honor
who she is now and who she is becoming
She has the power to create miracles.
by Shiloh Sophia

There are so many more classes brewing in my head but for now this is a taste of what is coming up.  I hope you all take at least one class from me, for I am so excited to share this process with all of you.  I've meant so many inspirational woman from all over the world and they continue to inspire me and encourage me daily as I paint , read and write classes for you.
Check out our home website www.oldschoolartstudio.net for dates and times of classes.

with love and sparkles

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