January 3, 2011

I went on a "Field Trip" today

I love all the cute "things" in Mona Rae's studio

Mona Rae Cich and Pam Vincent

Pam's new friend Chilly

Patty purchased Jackson on the right
Our "Mission" statement at Creative Chicks Cafe is to: Connect, Inspire, Learn and Share ideas. The mission came to life two months ago by way of our Facebook site. A personal testimony to the power of this statement and how two strangers have become two friends. A mutual outlook has resulted in a creative connection that embraces the sharing of ideas and a continued quest for learning. Today, my sister Pam and I went on a field trip to visit Mona Rae Cich at her studio. During our visit we purchased a few of her unique dolls. We also had the privilege to meet Mona Rae's husband, Ken, who is an avid supporter in helping his wife achieve her lifetime crafting goals. As we cross one another's path in life I believe we are somehow all connected. Did you know the four of us are graduates from the same high school? Facebook continues to be a wonderful resource for bringing people together and because of this we have become fans, friends, customers and extended family. Thank you ladies for a wonderful day!

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