January 27, 2011

A Valentine gift idea- Handmade Colorful Cotton Washcloths

100% made with FUN
Pamper yourself ladies while taking a bubble bath with a soft, colorful washcloth. Ahhh, a fragrant candle burning, a glass of wine perhaps and your favorite soothing music playing.  Now that you have a visual, why not make a easy gift to share this Valentine's Day with friends, family and co-workers. How was my sales pitch?
They are fun and easy to make while you are watching t.v. and make a great handmade gift. Of course they can brighten up your kitchen as well for dish washing. 
We welcome your ideas for a Valentine project for our "Chicks". Please post your ideas on our Facebook page or comment on this article. My Grandma always said; "Busy hands are happy hands". Happy Crafting!

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