January 18, 2011

My head is still spinning with the interesting artist’s I was lucky enough to meet at the Cape Coral Festival of the Arts almost two weeks ago. I thought I would share a couple more of them with you here at Creative Chicks Cafe.

Constance Guerra, an amazing, charming, witty artist. I was drawn to her because she truly creates “Girlfriend Art”. Her creations are expressions of a women’s journey along life’s path. Cute drawings with Sassy Sayings and Inspirational Thoughts are created using a blend of watercolors, acrylics, pen and ink, pencils and markers. These awesome lighthearted and fun pieces all relay life as a woman sees it. Next time you are at an art festival and you see Constance Guerra, stop in and say hi. I can guarantee you will leave with a piece of her work and a smile on your face. If you would like to see more of her work or find where she will be showing next you can email her at constanceguerra@hotmail.com

I loved Tara Funk Grims paintings. Tara is an amazing lady with “really cool glasses”. I did not get a lot of time to speak with her but I was so inspired by her work. Tara grew up in Alantic City and began her art career painting seasonal themes on boardwalk store windows. She received a B.A. from Chestnut Hill College and a teacher certification from Kutztown University. She blends her love of travel and teaching by conducting workshops to France, Italy, Ireland, England and Switzerland. She also teaches in her studio in Bethany Beach, DE.

This is Tara’s life as an artist as she explains in her own words,

My life as a passionate artist is an adventure.

The adventure has already taken me to many places.

I am not alone because of the support of my patrons.

Patrons have taken the time to recognize the final images from my brush, and my unquenchable spirit of exploration.

I take courage from the recognition: I take more journeys and I have more dreams.

An artist, who has the courage to step into a small boat when the water is rough, fears being capsized.

An artist who enters the woods despite the dark forest, fears losing the light.

So far I have not capsized and I have found the light over and over and over.

Think of me as a map maker, an explorer who goes on journeys and comes back and fills out the portions of the map that have never before been detailed.

I am a modern day visionary who completes the map and records the moments of “ah ha”. If sometimes you look at my artwork and are challenged you are feeling much of what I also feel. The truth is that while I paint I also hear a very fast paced music that only plays inside my soul. Sometimes the music marginalizes me that I cannot complete the image. When the spirit of the image absorbs the music then I can complete the painting.

I love to paint in plein air.

My paintings feel like they take forever.

- Tara Funk Grim

You can see more of Tara's work on Jan 15-16 in Delray Beach, Fl or Jan. 22-23 at the Boca Raton Outdoor Show and of course on -line at

I hope you enjoyed learning about two more amazing women artists that I was lucky enough to have met at the Cape Coral Festival of the Arts in downtown Cape Coral.  If you have any comments or questions just leave us a note below under the "comment section" below.

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