February 3, 2011

The Definiton of Inspiration is....

The Definition of Inspiration is:  Some body or something that inspires somebody to creative thought or to the making of art.
Here is a story on inspiration, it’s about a woman who endured a mid-life change last summer and I am not referring to “PMS”.  She lost her long time job due to downsizing and all of the “social” aspects of interacting with the work people as well.  Let’s face it, when she started talking to her cat all day and expecting the cat to answer back, she had hit rock bottom.   My name is Patty Sullivan, I am that woman and for the first time on Creative Chicks Café, I am actually writing a story about “me”.  Kate Sullivan is my step-daughter, she calls me “Step Mommy” and we are 4 years apart in age.  I married her father  Joe five years ago and I have known them both for 25 years.  Joe is my life, and Kate is my best friend.
It was time for “Social Intervention” looking for jobs all day long became maddening and I fell into a “Recession Slump”.  Kate was blatantly honest with my situation and steered me on the road to recovery to assist me with my down time. I went through a Five Step Social Recovery process “FSSRS” which is:
Facebook, Start my own blog, Software training, Re-defined my talents, and Social Interaction.
On October 10, 2010 I joined Creative Chicks Café and when I read the definition of “Inspiration” I knew that I was cured. Here is my blog site if you want to know more about me
 www.patty-sullivan.com  if I had more people leave comments I would feel like someone cared.
  In all seriousness, when we speak about “Social Networking” it is not only finding balance in your work life, but with your family and friends.  These are the people “Who have inspired something or somebody to creative thought or to the making of art”. These are the people I have connected, inspired, shared and learned from at Creative Chicks Café since I joined.
Carmen Bengtson and Baby JERK Jesse

 Carmen Bengston  -started her blog at Christmas called “Mama’s JERKS  http://mamajerks.blogspot.com  Carmen is my nephews wife, she never says much in person, but boy her writing is fun to read. My sister and I convinced her it would be therapeutic for her, and now she blogs every day.

Sheila Wayne (in blue) attending Mecca's workshop

Mecca Manz
Mecca Manz- an artist, started her first Creative Workshop in her home studio and fulfilled her dream . Shelia Wayne introduced Mecca and George to  Kate and I.
Sheila Wayne- owner of The Underground Art Gallery “Art to Sea”, not only shared her gallery with us, but also attended Mecca Manz first workshop

Ronnie Walter

Phyllis Chism
 Phyllis Chism – creator of Diva Dolls placed her business on Facebook. I met Phyllis at a craft show in January.

Jenny Patterson
 Ronnie Walter- of “My Friend Ronnie” shared her success as illustrator and designer of greeting cards. Ronnie is Kates neighbor.
Sandy Sander and husband Richard
Jenny Patterson- of “Quilted in Clay” provided tools to help people just staring out doing shows. I met Jenny at the Cantebury Craft Fair in April.
Emily Dingmann
Sandy Sander- shared her “Memory Wall”, and has her crotched blankets on consignment in a local shop. I also heard she is making cotton washcloths. Sandy is my “older sister” she hates when I say that.
Sandy Nardozzi
Emily Dingmann –creator of “A Nutritionist Eats” continues to share her health and nutrition recipes. I met Emily while taking a computer class.

Jim Rasmussen
Sandy Nardozzi- from Bath Maine shared her New England Pumpkin pie recipe with us. We want more recipes Sandy. Sandy is my husband’s friends wife.

Pamela Vincent
Jim Rasmussen- of “Rasmussen Photography” the guy is so busy traveling to shows, we are still waiting to feature him. I met Jim through Mona Rae Cich. Kate met Jim at the Cape Coral Art Festival.
Mona Rae Cich
Pamela Vincent- of “Pamela Vincent Creations” shared with us all her pressed flower creations. Pam created a website, a blog, and her business on Facebook. She has her first craft show on February 5th. Pam is my twin sister and she got the gifted gene.

 Mona Rae Cich- of “Hidden Talents” not only shared her fascinating story, but has been a mentor, a dedicated fan, and an advocate for Creative Chicks Café. She likes the LIKE button in Facebook, and we like that. I met Mona Rae at the Cantebury Craft  Fair last  November.

Kate Sullivan
Kate Sullivan- creator of Creative Chicks Café and artist. She continues to inspire women to create at her North and South Studios. Thank you ladies for your dedication to learn and create.  Kate is a “Teacher of all Arts” and one of the most talented women I have ever known. She amazes me with her God given talents. Thank you Kate for your “Chick on the street” reporting of craft shows, events, recipes and how to make things. Without your dreams of building a website to help women connect with one another, I would have never met so many wonderful people.  Oh, I married Kate’s Dad.

Jenny Fasching

Jenny Fasching- who is this person? She is Kate’s daughter and has been instrumental in designing our blog, logo, and starting our business site on Facebook.  Jenny is my step-grandaughter.
These are people that I know, have met, wrote to, wrote about or read about on Creative Chicks Café.  They are the true definition of “Inspiration”.  We have a new year ahead of us and I am counting on all of you to help us grow our fans on Facebook, and our hits on our blog to help tell our story. Please tell your friends about us, and for goodness sake, leave comments on our blog and facebook because I need someone to talk to.

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