February 7, 2011

Our First Craft Show as a Vendor

Patty Sullivan and Pam Vincent
On Saturday, my sister Pam and I attended our very first craft show as a vendor. It was held at the Maple Grove Community Center in Maple Grove, MN.  We wanted to take our first “Crafting baby step” to not only see how much work was involved in doing a show , but wondering if our “Stuff” would even sell.  So, here is our story and for you seasoned craft show people out there, you may even get a chuckle from our experience.  We both had a sleepless night making sure we had everything packed and ready to go. What if the alarm clock did not go off? Better set two alarms for a back up. Where will our booth be, and what crafters will be there?  Our husband’s  were so supportive and were just as excited as we were to have a successful day. They helped us unload the vehicles and found our spot #23 taped on the floor.   

There it was our 10x8 piece of carpet to create and build our home and live in for the next eight hours.  The adrenaline boost was exhilarating as we set up our tables, put on the tablecloths and began to unload our containers.  It was a mad frenzy all around us we were so pumped to get everything ready so we could see who all was there. (Note to self: Do not wear a fleece top or turtle neck and sweatshirt while assembling  your booth or you will lose 10 pounds from sweating.)
We did it, we set our booth up within 45 minutes, and then spent 10 minutes moving things around, stepping back and re-checking it again. Yes, it was time for an open house at address #23 and we were ready for business. Both husband’s were so proud us and of course pictures had to be taken and then a kiss to thank them and off they went.
There were 50 booths, about half were handmade crafts.   Even though there was not a lot of traffic, at the end of the day, Pam sold 4 of her dried flower creations, and I sold 16 of my cotton washcloths.  The social aspect of the event was priceless, as we met so many people who were either beginners like us, or seasoned show attendees. Our customers were so complimentary of our work and it was nice knowing that our hard work paid off.

Roger Freind, sister Rose Mullenbach and Dad

These are a few of our neighbors who had the most visitors at their booth. Roger Freind made “No-Sew” fleece throw blankets.  Roger was supported by his sister Rose and his father.  I purchased a blanket for my new niece to give to her for her birthday.
Irene Simonson
Irene Simonson created cozy beds to spoil your pets, she call them her “Cuddle Bud Beds” Her website is www.petpizzaz.com
Randee Ward
Randee Ward was a big hit with her recycled and elegant flattened bottles  and decorative wine glasses. You can reach her at randeeward@yahoo.com

Michelle Ritacco and Cathy Sportelli
Michelle Ritacco and Cathy Sportelli owners of Music Designed for Kids. They create personalized CD’s and DVD’s for children.  Check their site out a

Grandpa Jim
“Grandpa Jim “Wright sold homemade Maple Syrup tapped from the trees of Frederic Wisconsin at the Wilderness Fellowship Ministries camp. All proceeds go to support their efforts at www.wildernessfellowhip.com 

Brenda Stanton
Brenda Stanton is owner and creator of Driving Force Energy. I enjoyed sampling  her all natural, no preservative popcorn and energy bars. Brenda has very unique flavors and can be reached at www.drivingforceenergy.com
Pam and I rate our first experience as a  A+. We met so many nice people that were so passionate about what they create.  We were a sponge absorbing information and sharing what we have learned as well. We want to thank our family, friends and spouses for their support. We were inspired by our ladies at Creative Chicks CafĂ© to take that first step and attend our first craft show as a vendor.

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