February 11, 2011

"Group Workshops for Creative Women"

Recently, I have received some emails wondering if we are still having  the "Creative Chicks Workshops".  Well,  the answer is yes. We're still busy creating and crafting!  I've also been asked "What is a Creative Chicks  Workshop"? To answer that,  it is a group, mostly women, who gather together, to share in all that artsy, crafty fun.  I began my workshops years ago, a friend asked if she could come over and work in my studio, then another friend asked, and another and another.  Before you knew it I had a "Creative Community" right in my own backyard. These workshops are an informal way for us to create in a relaxed and positive environment.  We are all excited by what everyone is working on.  There's plenty of talking and sharing.  Occasionally, we'll have an organized art or craft project.  Someone will come in, bring materials and show everyone how make something or they teach their own special techniques.  This is really fun because at the end of the day we all have the same project, but... none of them are the same, if you know what I mean! 

So if you would like to host your own "creative workshop".  Here are a couple of ways you can do this.  Keep in mind you don't have to have a full art studio.  Your workshop can be in the comfort of your living room or if weather permitting, go out into your backyard or patio. You can either have them bring a a project they are already working on or you can really get people sharing and talking by having them all create the same project. Encourage everyone to bring a dish to share and maybe a cool beverage.

Project #1 - Plastic tote bags
 Here's a neat way to use those plastic bags you get from the grocery store.  Have everyone collect their bags and bring them to the workshop.  Place all the bags in the middle of the table and let each person pick what colors they would like their  bags to be.  Then cut the bags into strips to make the "yarn" and crochet away.

Project#2 - Beaded Bracelets   Have each guest bring a variety of beads.  At least 50 different beads ranging from glass to silver or any really pretty ones they find.  There is a large selection to pick from at your local craft store.  You can also have your guests bring some charms to personalize their bracelets , clasps and any bead making tools they may have.  Things you'll need to have on hand are beading wire, crimping beads, magazine clippings of pieces of jewelry for inspiration and project instructions.
So there you have it! Thanks for visiting the Creative Chicks Cafe'.  And, I  hope I've inspired you to host your own crafting party.  And as always, your feedback is always appreciated. -Kate

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