October 19, 2010

"A Grandma Moment"

I know I promised all of you some Halloween ideas today.  But first I have to show you our littlest "Chicklet", Emiley's skating competition.

We all know how much Emiley enjoys crafting, her first passion is figure skating.  She began skating less than a year ago, when she was barely four years old, and truly loves it. Her Grandma said she did a perfect spiral for a five year old!!!  I never inherited the athletic gene but her Great Grandma Sandy was a figure skater and so is Sandy's sister Gail.  I say "so is" because at 67, Gail is still skating.  Sandy and Gail's father, Grandpa Gordon loved to speed skate.  In his day, he was president of the St. Paul Figure Skating Club.  Me, well I did inherit something, and that is my Grandma Mary's gift of sewing.  She would sew till wee hours of the night preparing for what they called "Pop Concerts"(skating shows, that toured the five state midwest area). Although, I did not sew this beautiful costume I have sewed some of her past outfits.  And I look forward to making some costumes for the 2010 Christmas show, if needed.

Speaking of costumes, it's Halloween and I have been busy creating costumes for Emiley and Adam, as well as others. Years ago I owned a costume shop in the Minneapolis area.  So, in the next couple of weeks I will post some of myown costume experiences.  So stay tuned, you might get an idea for one of your own.

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