October 12, 2010

"Get out of the box of Kleenex girlfriend!" favorite quote of Patty Sullivan

Happy Tuesday Chicks,

Patty Sullivan
I have a special treat for you! I am excited to introduce a new member of our team here at Creative Chicks CafĂ©. Her name is Patty, and such an amazing, inspirational, creative woman. Patty has a special “knack” for getting you up moving, and doing something creative. She is passionate about crocheting and carrying on her family traditions. Her Godmother,” Phyllis” taught her all sorts of crafting from, sewing, baking and refinishing furniture. But, one of the most important lessons she taught her was that she could create just about anything using ordinary, household items.

There’s another woman that Patty draws inspirational empowerment from and that was her “Grandmother Kate”. She loved to crochet and make dollies. And was famous for saying “busy hands are happy hands”. She treasures all the things these two women have ever given her and keeps them visible around her home to inspire her during her creative process. Patty finds it very rewarding when she has created something with her own two hands, and looks forward to passing on her family tradition of creativity by inspiring and prompting you with ideas for all seasons. Nobody says it better than Patty “Get your head out of the box of Kleenex, girlfriend! come along for the ride, a creative ride I’m sure you all will enjoy!”
You can see and read more about Patty in the "About" section at www.creativechickscafe.com.


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