October 14, 2010

Make a Columbine and Grapevine Swag with Patty

Hanging “vine swags” above a window, doorway or around
your deck will soften a rooms décor and fall is the perfect time to do this!

What you will need:     Pruning shears
                                     Floral wire
                                     Wire cutters
                                     Hot glue gun
                                     Dried flowers
                                     White Christmas lights

Grab your pruning shears and cut down Columbine and Grapevine. Now is the perfect time because they are still soft and easy to form your swag. If vines are stiff you can always soak them in water prior to shaping. Remove all of the leaves from the vine. Lay them out in a straight line. Add as many layers of each vine for desired thickness. Use a piece of the vine and tie around sections to keep it together. As an added touch, intertwine white lights in the vine. Hang your swag and enjoy, they last forever.

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