October 2, 2010

"The importance of a good photograph"

One of the topics at “The Creative Connection weekend” focused on the use of good photography on your blog. Photographs are critical and many times, people will decide whether or not to bother reading the rest of your blog. It is important that you produce professional, clean, crisp photographs for your readers.

Until now, I have been a novice photographer and content to just point and shoot. Last weekend we went to visit our friends at “River Bay Camping and Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin”. I loaded up ALL my cameras, determined to read the manuals from cover to cover and practice my photography while taking beautiful fall foliage pictures. Little did I know how quickly I was going to learn my camera.

Sony Cyber-Shot

"Little Sony" pocket camera
River Bay was flooding, and it was rising rapidly. Everyone was working diligently to save their property and personal belongings. No one had time to take pictures that were needed, not only for the insurance company but the news media too. Being a past Event Planner I had no problem with the “press releases” but the accompanying photographs were another issue. I started out with my "Sony Cyber-Shot" which was great but I really needed a stronger zoom lense and external flash. My “I phone” took awful pictures and my” little pocket Sony” was adequate, but the photos seemed a little dark and there was no time for “Photoshop” improvements. My Sony “Handycam” was great for video and I should of used it more, but I still hadn’t read the manual. The best photos were taken from the "Droid Phone”. I couldn't believe the quality of the photo application on that phone. It really caught the color and the mood of the moment, with just a quick point and shoot.

"Droid" phone

"Droid" phone

"Droid" phone

So you ask… what have I learned, well first I signed up immediately for a beginner’s digital phototaghy class that starts November 7. Second, I need to invest in a new camera. Really I do, my digital cameras are quite old, and they have improved them over the years. I’ve narrowed it down to either a Canon or Nikon. I am looking for a camera that will let me be free me to shoot more creatively. If anybody has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them. I would like to get the camera as soon as possible so I can read the manual, cover to cover, that’s if they have accompanying manuals anymore!

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