October 26, 2010

Halloween BOOOO! (Costume ideas)

Jenny, Kate & Vicki
   October 31st has long been thought of as the day the dead return to earth. It is a holiday full of celebration and superstition. Dressing up became a way to ward off the dead spirits. In the later part of the 19th century Americans began to dress up in costume and go house to house asking for money. Today Halloween is known as a childrens holiday in the community. Kids dress up and go door to door looking for treats or in some cases tricks. This eventually became a “trick or treat” tradition.

  As a former costume designer and shop owner I was always thrilled when October rolled around. There is nothing more exciting than creating a costume and spending the evening acting out the character or costume you’ve created. It doesn’t matter what age you are.

Mark as a "Nose Picker"

  My days of a costume shop owner have long passed but I still get many requests for costume ideas. Whether you yourself are heading to a Halloween party or dressing up your children for “trick or treating”, here a few of my favorite costume ideas for you to use. Remember, the costume is just a costume but the character is you, so have some fun, let go and play dress up!

Cinderella and the ugly stepsisters (my all-time favorite)
You will need: old prom dresses (found in your closet or the “Goodwill”)
                        costume makeup, warts, buck teeth, etc.
                        1 ugly large mans shoe
                        velvet or satin pillow
This requires a group of 4 girls.  3 ugly sisters and 1 cinderella. Go from house to house or party to party looking for Prince Charming. This is really fun and is a huge hit with young and old alike.
HINT: Being an ugly step sister is a lot more fun than Cinderella.

"All dolled up"
You will need:  a cute outfit maybe like a baby doll
                          paper doll or any kind of dolls
Sew dolls all over outfit.

"Chick Magnet" (costume for a man)
You will need: Black clothing
                        Old Barbie dolls
Sew Barbie dolls all over shirt and pants. Easy to wear and fun!

Chic, Fred, Ray and Karen
 "The 4 Aces" (best worked with 2 couples)
You will need:  8 pieces of white tag board
                          4 - 5 yards of ribbon
                          black and red paint
Paint aces from a deck of cards, 1 being a spade, 1 heart, 1 clover, 1 diamond. Punch 1 hole in the top left of tagboard and 1 hole in the top right. String ribbon through front and back as in photo.
Hint: Carry a deck of cards and request bets and play poker, you could make some money or lose some.

"Cereal Killer"
You will need: Crazy clothing
                         Tiny boxes of cereal
                         Fake blood or red paint
                         Plastic knives
                        Thread or hot glue
Punch holes in cereal boxes with plastic knives glueing knives in place. Paint red blood around the boxes then sew boxes all over you clothing.

"Deviled eggs" A good one to do with you partner or spouse or do alone as a "Deviled Egg:
You will need:   white sheet, pillow case or clothing
                           yellow paint
                          devil horns
                          white face paint
Paint yellow spot on front of costume choice. Paint face white and wear horns.
Hint: Enter party with plate of deviled eggs!

"Devil and the Blue Dress" This costume needs a partner
You will need:   red clothing or devil costume
                           devil horns
                           blue dress
This costume goes without explaining!

So, here you have a few ideas for some easy one of a kind costumes. Remember... it is how YOU play out the part!!!  If you have any other unusual ideas for costumes, please e-mail your tips and or photos to us at katelund@yahoo.com  we'll be happy to share them with others!


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